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Hyderabad International airport questions for TSPSC

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TSPSC preparations. Hyderabad international airport related questions in TSPSC group exams.
Telangana government exams preparations topic Hyderabad International airport.

The Airport was named as " Rajiv Gandhi International Airport" .

In 2014, the NDA government had named the domestic terminal as " NTR terminal".

The first flight scheduled to be landed was of " Lufthansa Airlines " but dramatically the spice jet plane was landed a way head to it's schedule.

However, officially the Lufthansa airlines plane got the official greetings from the authorities as the first plane as planned earlier.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Telangana groups syllabus

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Telangana groups syllabus for Groups 1, 2 , 3 and 4. TSPSC groups syllabus for exams of preliminary and mains.

The video gives a complete view of the entire Telangana group exams and also in respect to the changes when compared to the previous groups syllabus.

The most experienced faculty explains all about the syllabus of Group one , two  and three with significance and examples of each subject.


Hyderabad was an independent country for more than year

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Nizam declared his Hyderabad mulk as an Independent country on June 12 1947 and he ruled till Operation polo on 13-09-1948. That means Telangana did not get the independence on Aug 15 1947.

Important things to remember from this incident :

Hyderbad state congress party initially started the freedom movement against Nizams but the peaceful Non violent Satyagraha was not helping the public in any way.

The brutal Razakhars were crushing the freedom activists and the gradually the public have witnessed and suffered heavy losses in the hands of Razakhars who involved themselves in killing hundreds of people and raping women.

Joining of Communist party took a strong change in the freedom movement as the violent communists tried giving fitting reply to the armed Razakhars.

Important people who lead this Armed Struggle of communists during 1947 -48

Maqdum Mohiyuddin

Ravi narayana reddy

Baddam Ella reddy

Omkar Prasad ( Gen Secretary of All indian student federation)

Communist party has come up with an agenda on this movement to achieve and it is called as " 16 POINT FORMULA"


Professor Jahashankar Biography

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Professor Jayashankar Biography with the details such as Birth place, Date of Birth, Parents, education, Telangana movement and Ideology, death etc....


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Telangan group exam syllabus

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Telangana Groups exam syllabus as per the released notification by Telangana public service commission 

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